Friday, 20 January 2012

High Speed ir camera Suitable for Thermal Imaging Applications

Infrared cameras deal with the technique of thermal imaging and have become more and more popular in recent years. This requires more sophisticated and expensive software for image interpretation. This ir camera can be purchased easily for about two to three thousand dollars. It is quite a compact and easy to use that includes basic software to adjust, analyze and interpret the images. This has led to the immense usefulness and thus accentuates the popularity of an ir camera.

Increase in energy cost and concern for the environment has led to the rise of such efficient thermal imaging cameras. Recent developments in high performance ir cameras are used in a variety of demanding thermal applications. These are now available with the benefit of spectral sensitivity in both mid and long wave spectral bands. In addition to this a variety of camera resolutions are available as a consequence of detector arrays and a variety of pixel sizes. These features also comprise of high frame rate imaging and adjustable exposure time. This also triggers the capture of temporal thermal events.

An ir camera can be calibrated such that the output digital values correspond to object temperatures. There is the provision of non-uniformity correction algorithms which are independent of exposure time. The camera features a wide range of thermal imaging applications which was otherwise not possible earlier. The presence of a variety of MCT or Mercury Cadmium Telluride in ir camera designs have led to these being operated in several distinct spectral bands. “Monospectral” infrared detectors have the spectral response in one band however there are several reasons for the selection of spectral band in an infrared camera.

Lenses designed for IR Camera have their own special properties. This entirely depends on the focal length of the lens as well as its resolution and F-number. The use of ir camera is prominently witnessed in design, test, manufacturing, hyperspectral and gas imaging, remote sensing, measurement and tracking, research and development as well as for medical usage.